Capitalism and The Environment

What follows is a collection of various articles and leaflets Speak Out Now has published over the past few years about climate change and the destruction of the environment. We reprint some of them here because they provide an important perspective on this urgent problem. Climate change and environmental destruction are a consequence of the basic functioning of capitalism, which puts the importance of generating profits above everything else we need as a species. The only way humans will be able to seriously deal with the impact of climate change is to get rid of the economic and social system that is causing it in the first place: capitalism. What follows is a revolutionary socialist perspective on environmental questions. In short, only a society that serves the interests of all people, that puts human needs and the needs of a healthy planet above all else – only a socialist society, run democratically by the vast majority of the world’s people, will be able to organize our forces to finally use the science of society and the enormous potential of humanity to address the environmental devastation that capitalism has created.

Table of Contents

Capitalism – Leading the Way to Extinction

Paris Climate Talks – A Useless Ritual
Destruction of the Environment – A Ticking Time Bomb
The Carbon Cycle, Carbon Emissions and Global Warming
Fracking – A Sign of an Insane System
Keystone XL Pipeline – A Toxic Disaster
The Destruction Of West Virginia
Typhoon Haiyan – Not A Natural Disaster
Nuclear Power: Lining Their Pockets, Risking Our Lives
The BP Oil Spill: Profits First, People Last
Chevron: Robbing and Poisoning For Profit!
The Destruction of Public Transportation

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