May 20, 2017: To Save Our Planet… Change the System! (Baltimore, MD)

If you’re reading this you already have a deep concern about our rapidly changing climate. No previous generation faced a crisis like this. Even school children of the Cold War era, hiding from phantom mushroom clouds under their desks, knew only the possibility of global catastrophe. This is different: without dramatic changes, we face certain destruction. It is not a mere potentiality.

Without bold counter measures, the global ecosystem as we know it will die. As we careen toward calamity, we must understand that no salvation is possible without dramatic change. We must also realize that there is no fate but what we make. Hope for the future begins and ends with our coming together to break this system into pieces and replace it with one beneficial to all people.

Come join us for a discussion on how we can address this global crisis.

First Unitarian Church
12 W Franklin St, Baltimore, MD
Saturday, May 20, 2017 – 1PM

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